New Art for ‘Gigi’

I’m obviously very mature. #rehearsals@gigionbroadway @naponacott

babe @VanessaHudgens

#tbt to the amazing hair, makeup and costumes of Blondie in Sucker Punch 😉

Vanessa for Bongo Jeans

Another  with    and    can’t wait to see you all in August 💚  I love you and miss you :-)

With the boys @zacefron and Rob !!! Now that’s a throwback #TBT

Zac on twitter:

Skydive from the helicopter was a rush- 8 sec free fall felt like 20 mins. RT : What’s the scariest challenge?

Zac on twitter:

'Taught me how to make a fire Macgyver-style using unusual items. RT : What did you learn from ?